Hey there! I'm Lamarr Wilson, a Tech Lifestyle Influencer, & your go-to guy for a dose of fun in the digital world. With over 3 million people following "My Tech Lifestyle" journey, my goal is to not only inform on how tech integrates into my everyday life, but to make it fun, entertaining, and at the end, maybe you learned something that you didn't know along the way.

Storytelling with long form content was something that I enjoyed doing from 2008-2021 on YouTube, using that skill to talk about cool products under "Tech" such as games & related accessories, gadgets, apps, streaming services, etc. In 2021 I hopped on the short-form vertical video train, I've used this hot format to tell many more stories to an entirely new audience, and I love every moment of my latest journey!

Even before this, my life journey's been a wild ride, starting off with tech consulting & building websites (yep, the serious stuff) from the mid 90's until 2008. Who knew I'd end up making my tech lifestyle my full-time gig? 

I’ve worked with awesome companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, Taco Bell, the NBA, Warner Bros…I can go on and on! My experience creating moments of fun & interest in tech lifestyle related products & services has been humbling & is an honor every single day.

Join me on this storytelling adventure of my tech lifestyle! I'm @LamarrWilson on all of the socials; see you soon!